Charity Team Building Events – Create a Fun, Challenging, & Meaningful Learning Experience

At Great Videos, fun corporate team building activities are area of the culture as is charitable providing. It’s just who they are and what they do. So our recent charitable team building workshop was a blast, Great Videos style!

Great Videos grew at a great clip

Several great visionaries began Great Videos in 1982. From 150 franchise salons in 1988, Great Videos grew into 4, 300 salons throughout the USA. Know very well what else is excellent about Great Videos? It’s a completely franchised company whose franchisees employee some 40, 000 stylists. Visit for More info – charity team building events.

A famous comedian once quipped that “gray locks is God’s graffiti.” Grey, blonde, or red-no matter what color or style-every customer leaves looking such as a masterpiece because of the artistry of Great Videos ’ stylists. Forgive the pun, however, they are truly on the leading edge!

Team bonding through fun commercial team building activities

Another clever estimate declares that “life’s too brief to have uninteresting locks!” I wouldn’t be amazed if an excellent Videos stylist said this first! That’s because Great Videos’ commercial culture is filled with imagination, exuberance, and fun! They lately asked Magnovo’s professional building team to perform a training program. The target: to examine company goals and enhance their bottom line. Nonetheless, it was necessary that everyone has an enjoyable experience along the way.

We fulfilled 200 Great Clippers at the Hilton Minneapolis Downtown for just one of our most customizable team building occasions, the Charity Offering Station workshop. With regards to charitable giving, we realize that one size will not fit all! So we make each event fit the needs, passions, and schedules of our clients.

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A Charity Giving Train station workshop generally is a marathon of kindness which allows our clients to do as much or less than they chose.

For a few clients variety is key. So they could spend a day assembling bicycles, wheelchairs, military treatment deals, and food pantry donations. Whatever the perspective, we make sure they strike the mark.

Through the Great Videos Charity Giving Channels event, the concentrate was on kids. So we divided the 200 staffers into groups and put together 400 stuffed pets. These bears, parrots, turtles, and seafood are Save Buddies directed at children who’ve lately suffered a stress.

First responders-police officials, EMS personnel-keep a stash in their vehicles to provide to children at the picture of a major accident, house open fire, or other catastrophes. The playthings sooth and support stressed young hearts and help them deal.

Fun corporate team building activities may bring healing

We never noticed such a big contingent of workshop individuals pull collectively so quickly. These were grateful for the opportunity to help the youngsters who’d get these new playthings and they worked well at a fairly fast clip to ensure each toy was perfect.