Discussing The Advantages and Disadvantages of MetaTrader 4 For Mac Users

It was only after some years since its release when MetaTrader 4 became available for Mac users. At first, developers were not really into developing a native application for Mac users and only workarounds were used. Fortunately, after several years, Mac versions were finally offered and users couldn’t be happier.

The only question here is that, does MT4 for Mac match up with Forex trading? Is it a wise decision to download it and install it on your device? Or is it much better to look for another software?

Pros: It is the best software (as unanimously agreed by Forex brokers)

It is very hard to find a forex broker nowadays that doesn’t offer the MT4 trading platform. This is all because every forex broker unanimously agrees that MT4 is the top on the list of the best trading platforms for Forex. MT4 is very intuitive, functional, user-friendly, and complete in an overall aspect. To suit your needs, it is even completely customizable and offers access to analytical and technical tools and functions.

Cons: Automated Trading is not very reliable

When you use an emulated version on MT4 on Mac, the automated trading is becoming quite unreliable. Expert Advisors are mostly used by the trader on a daily basis. Although the platform supports Mac uses when it comes to trading robots and scripts, it is not as accurate as the one accessible on Windows applications.

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Pros: You don’t have to install Windows

If you have used workarounds for MT4, you were certainly requested to install Windows or Wine into your Mac computers. This is something that Mac users don’t want to do. But with the new update on MT4 for Mac, you won’t have to do any installation of additional operating systems or software. All you have to do is to install the MT4 app on your Mac computer. Nothing else.

Cons: The app can be cumbersome for Mac users

MT4 has been lauded for being incredibly lightweight. But this is not the case with the Mac version. To be able to download the app, you need a hefty 200MB. Because of this, you won’t be able to experience a lightning fast download or quick loading of apps. This makes MT4 for Mac cumbersome and slow.

Pros: It has the same functionality as other operating systems

Impeccable functionality – that is what MT4 is known for. With all those analytical tools, you can become an expert trader in no time. You can even access all these analytical tools without the need to leave the application. The Mac version and web version has the very same functionality, allowing you to have the same exact experience as the latter one.

Cons: There are extra work to take

Ensuring that the MT4 works well on the Mac version, you might be prompted to do extra work like downloading scripts, installing additional fonts, and others.

As we assess the pros and cons of MetaTrader 4, it is obvious that the good overpowers the drawdowns. After all, it is such good news to all Mac users that the ever-famous trading platform can finally be downloaded into their devices.

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