How to Make YouTube Videos without Fancy Equipment?

Every digital marketer is ready to acknowledge the impact video marketing can have on a campaign. Even brands which are not exactly in the B2C line of work have YouTube channels for brand marketing and development purposes. It is no secret that audiences relate to video content more as compare to text.

However, there is another side to this problem. Creating video content is much more expensive and tedious compared to written content. To write an article, all an SEO needs to do is assign a topic and the content writer would take care of the rest. 

Creating a video is difficult on many different levels. There is more than one professional needed to create a video, from a scriptwriter to a camera professional and even an actor if the video requires it. Even a professional who can do all these things alone will take a considerable amount of time to do so.  

This is not counting the expensive equipment needed to create a good video. This is by far the biggest roadblock to creating quality videos. In this article, we discuss how to create quality videos without expensive equipment.

Create Voice over Presentation Style Videos

If your aim is to create high quality videos like the ones you see on YouTube published by big channels, you need to invest a lot on equipment. Since this is out if the question, you can create high quality presentations on the topic of the video and record a strong voice over. 

This type of video content is very common and being used extensively by companies these days who can’t spare enough money for expensive DSLRs, lighting and sound equipment. 

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Use Smartphone Camera 

The next obvious solution is to use a smartphone camera. Audiences these days are used to accepting the quality of videos recorded on smartphones. The success of platforms like TikTok is a prime example. Smartphones can be used to make great videos. Ultimately, the key factor is making good content. The engagement brands get through their video depends more on the content quality rather than the visual or audio quality. 

In Conclusion

When we open YouTube now, we see brands and companies with their own popular YouTube channels. The time for brands to start video marketing is finally here. In this article, we discussed how brands can make YouTube videos even if they don’t possess fancy equipment. 

About the Author- Karan Surya is a digital marketing executive with seven years of experience as a professional in the field. His expertise in video marketing sets him apart in a competitive digital marketing space. Besides working as an executive, Surya also takes guest lectures at, a place best-known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.