The importance of branding with calendar printing

With Google Calendar, Prospect and smart phone’s capacity to synch diaries, you might have thought that calendars have become something of days gone by. Calendar printing continues to be something that many Southern African (and international) companies are buying. And once and for all reason! While technology goes on to change how exactly we communicate, routine and plan, most people still involve some kind of printed calendar on the desks or wall surfaces due to effectiveness of this tool. The very best part is the fact that with customised calendar printing, you can have your company’s name on your client’s desk throughout the year.

Not the smartphones, applications and calendars that synch with this e-mail associates, have reduced the relevance of a printed calendar. People still tend to stick to what works. The most effective digital tools simply can’t replace the printed out calendar because it’s how people choose to mentally and logistically plan their days.

Speak to Minuteman Press in Silverton for Calendar Design and Printing

If you’re a business searching for a high-impact, affordable and long-lasting way to advertise your brand, then consider a imprinted calendar. Minuteman Press in Silverton is a printing company that specialises in promotional calendar printing. Whether you are buying wall-mounted calendar, diaries, or a different type of calendar, we will let you design and print out the calendars.

Promotional calendars offer year-round benefits. That is something that your clients, clients, and colleagues can use throughout 2019. The very best part is that you can get as fun and creative as you want. Show off different products, cool team photos, relevant events, and promotions or whatever you want in your custom designed calendars.

Technology has changed just how we live so much so that we hardly ever maintain a printed out calendar any more. Instead, we carry our phones. What’s funny, though, is each and every time you walk into someone’s office, you visit a calendar sitting on the desk or through to their wall membrane. While digital calendar websites may be ever before within our lives, people still like to have a huge, fun, imprinted calendar before them for easy research. This makes calendars a robust tool for marketing your brand, cheaply and effectively. If you have never thought to use a promotional calendar in an effort to put your business in the front and centre of your clients’ thoughts and on their walls, this is the time.

Although there are different ways to advertise your brand, there aren’t many that are as effective, inexpensive, or versatile as a calendar is. Think about it this way, a calendar is something you pay for once, but it lasts all yr. From a design standpoint, your options are essentially unlimited because calendars can be produced in all shapes and sizes. And, a recent study exhibited that, normally, people check their calendars 10 times each day. 10 times every day for 365 times… that’s a whole lot of impressions for a very low cost.
If you are still wondering, “why calendars?”, here’s why…

Calendars have:

High-quality imagery
Forthcoming events
Branding opportunities
Low development cost
High reach/impressions
So, the next time you’re thinking about ways to get your name in front of your visitors, send them a free calendar. Here’s how you take action effectively:

Use your branding wherever possible- so that it is clear that the calendar originated from you
Include calls-to-action, such as seasonal happenings, special offers, telephone numbers, and website URLs
Direct people to your social mass media channels and suggest they follow you
Remind your visitors of any forthcoming occasions they can attend
Include leaflets or infographics
Include dates for the next updates or magazines
Include promotional materials, exclusive to the calendar recipient
Consider using tear off cards you can use for promo redemption over summer and winter