Business 101: Top ways to improve your online shop

If you still don’t have an online option for your business, then you definitely should! These days, online shopping is all the rage and everyone with a mobile phone can say so. It’s the convenience of shopping without the hassle and all of your purchases get delivered right to your doorstep.

Plus it only takes a couple of swipes and clicks then, viola! Your order is ready to ship. And if you do have an online option for your business, you can still revamp it and improve it all the more. This can make it more pleasing to the eyes, easier for shoppers to use and reliable for customers to trust.

There are various ways to improve your online shop! And if you’re curious, check out the list down below!

How do you attract customers online?

One of the most effective ways to get customers is by attracting them. Getting their attention is already a win for you, all the more if they visit your website! Who knows, by simply getting attracted by your shop they end up buying something.

So to know how to attract potential customers, here’s a list of useful tips:

  • Make your website’s interface aesthetically pleasing – Giving your website or shop’s profile some ‘personality’ will get customers to tune in. A pleasing site gets people curious about what you have to offer. When coming up with a design, go with something that matches your theme.
  • Make it simple and easy – Making your website, profile and even product information hard to understand and navigate can drive away customers.
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Make sure to create a simple and easy online shop for your customers. This will not only leave them with a good impression but an overall great shopping experience.

  • Showcase quality product photos and videos – Since your customers only have photos and videos to check out your products, make sure to document them with quality. Don’t be shy with the images and videos when showcasing your products.

It’s doing you, your customers and your stop a favour. And great photos of products can attract more customers!

  • Come up with catchy slogans – When advertising your products online, make sure to match them with catchy slogans. This will attract customers and get them interested. Plus catchy slogans and fun and easy to read so they can grab attention easily.
  • Make things easy to read – When coming up with product descriptions and your shop’s information, make sure it’s easy to read. Ways to do so are by using simple fonts, having a decent font size and making captions shorter and more direct.
  • Provide great customer service – Another way to attract customers back to your shop is by providing them with great customer service.

This will not only leave your customers satisfied but also pleased. Plus this also helps with leaving a good impression!

What are the 5 smart ways to promote your business online?

There are various ways to efficiently promote your business online, but only 5 are proven to be effective and have the fastest results. So if you’re curious to know what these ‘smart ways’ are, here’s a rundown of each one:

  • Create a Google Business profile – Creating a Google Business profile will make it easier for customers to find you. This will also make your business more credible to people who look you up on the internet.
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Your profile will consist of your shop’s location, website, contact number, services and customer reviews.

  • Make a website – Making a website for your business is a must-have when it comes to marketing collateral. Although you have profiles on various social media platforms, people will always try to look for your shop’s website.

Plus having one will make it easier for customers to know about your shop and at the same time leave your business looking credible and trustworthy.

  • Come up with a business blog – This is a great advertising strategy you can consider. Releasing content is a great driver of SEO and can get more traffic to your website.

But if you don’t know what to release or don’t believe you can come up with exciting content, you can also invite guest blog writers.

  • Apply search engine optimization – This helps with your website’s ranking algorithm. So if people search for something remotely related to your line of business you’ll pop up on the first page.

You can achieve this by using relevant keywords in your content, including photos, producing high-quality material, maintaining a secure website, and keeping your page loading speed high.

  • Run Google ads – Lastly, run Google Ads! Anyone using Google on their devices will get a chance to see your ads when searching related topics to your business. This is considered a long-term strategy so results might take time.

Do I need to insure my online business?

Yes! Another way to efficiently improve any business is by getting business insurance. This will protect your business from various dangers such as legal, financial and even actual damage from calamities.

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Apart from it effectively protecting your business, this will also help with client rapport. If your clients know your business is insured, your shop will look more credible and reliable. This might even be a reason they stay in business with you.

As a starting business, you can consider getting, sme business insurance. This is tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. This covers everything your business needs for protection, not only for your products and your property but also for your employees and customers.