My Cuisinart Food Processor Makes Serving Family A Breeze!

Most of my family live in a 50 mile radius, and my house happens to be the halfway point for just about everyone, so it’s typically where we all congregate. It’s a blessing and a curse, all wrapped in one. When we get together, everyone brings something, but as any host knows, most of the work falls on us. It can be a lot, especially for the bigger events.

My sister-in-law, who usually brings an insane amount of salsa (including different kinds and heat levels), gifted me with a Cuisinart food processor after our last event. She explained that it made it so much easier and less time consuming to make that amount of salsa, especially with the repeat ingredients for the different batches. 

I never realized how many things could actually be made in the food processor, including things that I was already making for most family events. I could make my cookies with it and eliminate the tedious and often annoying task of chopping up walnuts. I could shred cheese for the street taco bar that I do each year, instead of buying the more expensive pre-shredded cheese. Above all, I didn’t have to chop onions, which is a major lifesaver for me. 

My sister-in-law mentioned that some of the blades might dull depending on how much I use the Cuisinart food processor, and that it might be wise for me to have backup parts, especially if I’d be depending on it for events. She told me about KitchenWorksInc., a company that sells authentic Cuisinart dfp 14 parts. I purchased the parts that I assumed would get the most use: an extra chopping blade, another shredding blade and an extra work bowl which I figured I could just switch out as needed. 

When the next family event rolled around at my house, I was excited to see how much this changed the process for me. I had my preparation done in about half the time it would normally take me, since I wasn’t manually cutting everything myself. Normally, I’m still doing something regarding food prep when people are arriving, and this time I wasn’t. 

Not to mention, the cleanup was so much easier too! Instead of dirtying several cutting boards and knives and having things strewn about all over the countertops, I was able to rinse the work bowl out and move on to the next thing. I didn’t have to run my dishwasher 3 times in one day. It was amazing.

What a difference this food processor made for me! Everything was already set up and I was able to greet family right away and not stress about what wasn’t finished. When my sister-in-law arrived, I immediately went off on what a lifesaver this gift was and how efficient it was. Now we have this little secret between us, while everyone else thinks that we were working super hard to prepare all of this food. This Cuisinart food processor has taken so much stress out of hosting parties, and I am so grateful for that.