Video Conferencing System For Business In Kenya

In the global competitive market, the relationships matter; whether it be with the customers, suppliers, investors, clients and management. The importance of nurturing the partnership is becoming greater than ever. Making communications more transparent and refined is just how for an effective business.

In the age of technology where speed and productivity matters, video conferencing plays a crucial role in creating a scalable and reliable communication system where it facilitates the communication in a well-organized way.

Why want to keep back from your competition?

For ages, it’s been thought that the video conferencing is something to be employed by the bigger companies and folks. Using the technology gaining importance and cheaper, the small-medium-enterprises have began to embrace this conferencing system as a mean for communication with the remote clients, to conduct meetings, to reduce the travel meetings etc… It allows the business enterprise to collaborate in a much-advanced path.

Video Conferencing with CISCO

CISCO – the leader in transforming communication is a celebrated professional in the area of networking products, Wireless security, VOIP and Telepresence. Traditional video conferencing systems has been plagued with rough images, unclear sound, dropped connections and the program issues. The introduction of CISCO video conferencing solution has turned into a befitting solution for the afflicted conferencing systems.

CISCO telepresence with Kenya

Being a leader in the communication and telephony industry, Kenya utilizes secure infrastructure, state-of-the-art vision and rich experience to provide the best of breed solutions to the small and medium organizations across Kenya.

Understanding the value to really have the healthy communications in the organizations, we design, configure and implement a complete solution with the CISCO video conferencing system.

How Cisco VC advantages to the Business:

Deliver high-quality sound and video
Schedule the session with familiar conferencing groupware tools
Can launch the meetings at the click of a button
Life-sized video representation of participants
More realistic display
Quicker organizational decisions
Simple to use
Face to face discussions in multiparty meetings
Lessen the travel expenditure
Connect across a wide range of video systems and environments
With CISCO video conferencing systems, you can develop a reliable and scalable video infrastructure solution to help you: Within a cloud environment provided by the company, the customers can deliver the video conferencing solutions with the Cisco Telepresence exchange system. This content sharing can be recorded and stored with the Cisco telepresence content server. You are able to store the lectures, meetings, sessions and other events.

We create a complete solution with the Cisco video conferencing systems.
It is essential to develop a successful relationships among the customers, investors and other teams. Video conferencing allows a more flexible and advanced approach of communication at the comfort of your room. Implementing a change over in tune with the recent communication tools would be a worthy start to create a strong relationship.

If you’re in a thrust to build up your video conferencing needs or even to organize a fresh infrastructure in Kenya, we enable you to develop a world class system with the communication leader. We endorse a feasible telephony solution that makes your business promising and active. The portfolio of other branded conference phones we deal with includes the Grandstream video conference systems, Huawei video conferencing systems,

Give your people the Best-Connected LIVE Experience!

Globalisation has taken unlimited opportunities, for organizations & individuals. Hence the necessity to collaborate is essential across places.

HI-DEF Video conference solutions today simplify, streamline and mobilize conferencing, that can be easy to get at by anyone, anywhere and on any device.

Video conference solutions are available in hardware and software using smart phone, iPads, laptops or desktops.

Hardware video devices are available as portable units, integrated systems with displays or room based systems for larger groups.

A video system includes point-to-point or multi-point connectivity as a typical offering & infrastructure solutions can extend the capability for larger connectivity requirements.

Infrastructure solutions also provide unified communication recording, streaming, firewall traversal, video management for large deployments.