Bruce Weber Teaches Black & White Photography

This is an era of color saturation. Everywhere one looks one will perceive brightly edited photos. Yet, black and white still holds the power to captivate on-lookers and take them back in time. If one wants to add richness to photos, one can go for black and white photos without hesitation. However, it is not easy to just turn away from color and go black and white. Bringing out life and mood when the luxury of color is not available can be a difficult task for a photographer. Aspiring photographers get baffled by the intimidation of black and white tone. But veterans are fond of vintage photos because nothing adds more elegance to images better than black and white touch. 

Bruce Weber On Capturing Black & White Photos

Bruce Weber is a fashion photographer with a reputation to be creative with the camera setting. Bruce does not hold himself back when taking photos. He is known for his experimental photo shoots in the industry. Even though Bruce started his career as an art photographer, he earned his success from commercial photography. It is commercial photography that has helped him develop his reputation in the photography industry. 

Bruce is comfortable with color photos. However, he has a deep affection for black and white photos because this type of image adds a touch of agelessness to images. If someone wants to create a unique photography portfolio, one can look for black and white photos for help. If the task of taking photos that do not have color makes one nervous, one can follow the tutorial tips which Bruce offered to aspiring photographers.

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Monochrome Mode

Bruce says to take advantage of monochrome mode while taking black & white photos. Monochrome allows photographers to immerse themselves in photography without trying too hard. For this reason, anyone starting with photography needs to use monochrome mode to transform the look of the photos. Bruce encourages young people to experiment with different camera settings when shooting. However, monochrome should be the setting for beginners looking for that perfect photo shoot.

Light & Shadow

When one does not have the luxury of using color to amplify the attraction of a photograph, one needs to use both light and shadow to make photos rich and elegant. Without proper light, a black & white photo will not turn out as desired. Therefore, anyone who wants to build an impressive portfolio with vintage photos needs to use light and shadow with careful consideration.

Contrast Works The Best

Black & photos can be difficult to add a personal touch to. How does anyone create that unique theme when color is not available? One can do that by using contrast carefully. If the subject is dressed in black, the photographer can choose a completely white background. Such photographs stand out because of the striking color contrast. 

Different Exposures 

One needs to experiment with different types of exposures when taking black & white photos. Staying in normal mode does not help because normal mode does not offer the desired touch. 

Bruce Weber likes to use the richness of the black & white theme because it looks elegant. Also, the black & white theme allows a photograph to stand out.

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