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There are so many Hot Wheels vehicle collectors in the market. As a result, selling Hot Wheels automobiles is simple. 

Using Redline Archeology auction service to sell Hot Wheels is the best and simplest way to sell Hot Wheels cars. Of course, there are always ads in the local paper or other websites that offer things, but with Redline Archeology, you have access to one of the largest online audiences. With so many Redline Archeology buyers, you’ll have no trouble selling your toy Hot Wheels vehicles for top pay. Follow a few basic selling methods, and you’ll be selling your collection in no time.

Select the Hot Wheels toy car you want to sell. Take photos of at least two sides of the car, and preferably one of the wheels. The wheels on Hot Wheels are what distinguishes them. The wheel style can indicate to collectors how old a car is. Some of the newer vehicles resemble the older vehicles, but the wheels are newer. The buyer will want to view the wheel style, as well as the area beneath the automobile where the name and original date are normally stamped.

Get a Hot Wheels automobile pricing guide. Michael Thomas Strauss’ “Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels Collectibles” is a nice one. This manual includes a description of each car by year, as well as the current pricing range. When selling your car collection, it’s useful to know how much your vehicles are worth.

Include the name of the car, the date, the colors, in your description. You won’t have to describe the wheels if you have a decent image of them. You can either list the going rate or leave it blank. Most collectors are already aware of this.

Wait and see how much your Hot Wheels car sells for. On Redline Archeology, you can sell your goods for the highest bid price. You can do this if the car you’re selling is worth a lot and you don’t want to lose money on it. However, you can also start the auction at a predetermined price. Whatever route you take, your car is now for sale.

Wrap the automobile completely in bubble wrap. Place the car in a bubble wrap bag to protect it. Bags are available in a variety of sizes, but because Hot Wheels cars are small, your bag should not be more than 5 by 7 inches. Keep in mind that the smaller the cargo material, the lower the shipping cost. Once you have received money from the customer, address the envelope and mail your vehicle.


Selling Redline Hot Wheels cars collections to connoisseurs is best done through Redline Archeology. It gives you a large audience online as compared to the traditional print advertisements. Besides, Redline Archeology also allows you to start your auction at a predefined price or wait to see the highest bid for your Hot Wheels car collection. 

If your car is valued highly, it’s a good idea to wrap it in bubble wrap and ship it in a compact box. Also, always have your shipment insured with the post office in case something happens to your product. Make sure you are correct while writing down the buyer’s information.