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5 reasons why you will fall in love with lab grown diamond rings

With the whole world moving from organic diamonds to lab grown diamonds as an informed choice now, we thought to enlighten you as well on a few reasons why you would fall in love with the lab grown diamond rings (if you haven’t already).

  • Environment-friendly

Choosing lab grown diamonds over organic diamonds is the ethical choice for many. Organic diamonds are mined out of the Earth’s surface, causing long term consequences such as soil erosion, loosening of the ground in the mines. There are long term environmental impacts of mining out organic diamonds. Lab grown diamonds on the other hand are made in factories. They have a comparatively smaller impact on the health of the planet making it an ethical choice. So if you’re pro-environment, then that’s one huge reason for you to fall for the lab grown diamond rings for your wedding or engagement. 

  • Cheaper than organic diamonds

Although both lab grown and organic diamonds are exactly the same in appearance and anatomically as well, lab grown ones are way cheaper. They cost around 30% less than organic diamonds due to the ease of their making process. However, that does not mean that they are artificial. They are absolutely the real deal, just at a lower cost. So if a sparkling rare gem is going to save you half the money, you’re definitely going to want it, right?

  • One of a kind (unique like you)

A lot many people think that just because lab grown diamonds are made in factories, they come out of similar moulds which means that they are pretty much alike; like bread being sliced in the same shape with a cutter. But that is absolutely not the case. Each lab grown diamond is different with its own set of inclusions, impurities, mixed chemicals and flaws. And so, no two lab grown diamonds are the same; each one is unique, just like you.

  • So many colours
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Lab grown diamonds rings come in a wide variety of colours. Organic ones are coloured too but they are so rare that buying a coloured organic diamond will literally cost you most of your fortune. Lab grown diamonds on the other hand come in so many pretty colours and at almost half the cost of organic ones. They are made by introducing different elements of the periodic table into the diamond particle during the making process. For example, Boron causes the blue coloured diamond, nitrogen is for orange, hydrogen is for yellow, etc. Usually the more exposure/concentration of the chemical/element results in a deeper hue of the colour. 

  • Totally worth it

For those who still need a reason to make the final choice between organic diamonds or lab grown for their rings, let us tell you that buying a lab grown diamond ring is just totally worth it. It saves money, looks just as pretty, lasts forever and is exactly the same as an organic diamond. So why go for the other option when you get everything in this one? If you still don’t believe us, go and check out Lab grown diamonds Hatton garden and prepare to be mesmerised yourself.

Do we need to say any more? Or is that you already rushing out to buy a lab grown diamond ring for yourself? In any case, it’s the right thing to do. There are literally so many reasons to love this wonderful creation of man in an attempt to mimic nature. And for once, it turned out just right. 

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