No Questions Asked Motorbike Insurance with Rapid Assistance

There are around a million motorbikes in the UK alone, and nearly as many varieties, as such there has never been a better time to choose a motorbike insurance company than there is today. The insurance market has evolved over the years, not necessarily in terms of what is covered, but more so focused on customer service and ensuring that your experience during your time with them is as pleasant as possible. There had to be a change of mindset from, sell, sell, sell to, I wonder what would happen if we valued our customers?

The hard sale is long gone

Generally speaking, people are more aware and in tune with some of the old school sales tactics that insurance salesmen would enforce upon their prey. The main problem being that there was little regulation done regarding how products were sold and what promises were made to get that sign on the doted line, a quick look at experts such as, will help you see how professional and customer orientated some insurance companies are today. Knocking on doors all day long won’t last, you are then left with the idea of looking after your existing customers too.

A huge amount of people were wrongly sold to because that is what the pay structure encouraged. If there were no sales, then there was no income for the company and low and behold, no salary for the salesperson. So, you can imagine how this could have ended up leaving a sour taste in the mouths of more than a few. Here are a few insurance terms you might not be familiar with.

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It’s all about the customer journey these days

In the UK insurance is mandatory and, although there will be different levels of cover that you can choose from which will cover you for different purposes it can still be a tricky area to get right every time. A general overview looks something like this – In brief terms, you might have a basic package that covers damage to others if you have an accident. 

A mid-range package which will likely cover you and your bike for the most common of insurance claim reasons and then maybe a fully comprehensive version that can cover things like loss and theft. There would be some unique protection characteristics that you don’t see every day, maybe something like roadside assistance country wide. Some tasks that would be but hey, if it’s on offer and you can afford it then why not.

No licence, no problem

We already know that the UK has mandatory insurance requirements of anyone that drives a motor vehicle on the UK automotive infrastructure but, what about countries that don’t? It’s pretty common knowledge that the driving system (Government requirements) they use over there are very different. 

There are set in stone policies like having a driver’s licence provided by Thai officials one you have satisfied their need of being comfortable with your riding. The traffic laws can also be decided by or ignored by police depending who you come across and how they are feeling on that day which can leave people feeling quite vulnerable or taken advantage of when the talk of money and how it would enable them to let you carry on your way.

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Covered or, uncovered sir?

Regardless of your reasons for staying in Thailand, if you are going to buy or rent a motorcycle, make sure you understand the basics of the law and what it could mean, if you flout the rules. Fines can sometimes go from single figures into double pretty quickly if you don’t have a licence or insurance.