Toronto Lead Pipe Replacement Program Explained

You should always consider replacing your lead pipes if they’ve been present for a very long time. Lead from old lead pipes is dangerous for the health of children and adults. Low levels of lead in children can result in many problems such as slowed growth, hearing problems, lower IQ and hyperactivity, etc. For adults, it can cause kidney problems and even reproductive problems. Lead from lead pipes can be so severe that it can also cause death! Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of the effects of lead.

The Toronto Lead Pipe Replacement Program ensures that your home has lead pipes that are new and good to go! If your lead pipes are clear, you will be free of any possible health effect. In this article, we will explain the Lead pipe program in Toronto and tell you how we prevent you from any exposure from lead.

You and the city own the lead pipes. The part that extends from the water main to your property line is controlled by the city. The rest of the part is controlled by the homeowner (which is you!).

How the Toronto Lead Pipe Replacement Program works

Checks whether your pipe is lead or not

Homes that are built before the mid-1950s are more prone to getting (negatively) affected by lead pipes. Before the mid-1950s, drinking water pipes were made out of the lead.  Modern homes don’t use lead pipes.  A licensed plumber can inspect and see whether your pipes are lead. You can also call 311 to request a staff check City records, which usually takes around 30 business days.

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Application options

Option A:

You can call the City’s contractor and set a time for them to replace the lead pipes, but you have to face the costs yourself.

Option B:

You can appoint your own contractor to replace your side of the pipe initially. After this process, you should consult the City to replace the other side of the pipe. However, when filling out an application, you must attach proof about your side of the pipe and show that it has been replaced.

Applications take around 2 weeks to be processed. Afterward, you’ll get a letter of confirmation and another letter that highlights the construction methods, etc.

Lead Pipe Replacement

The city-owned pipe takes around 12-weeks to be replaced.  During of a replacement of the lead pipe replacement service, the contractor will dig 2 access pits on your side and the City side and install a new pipe. For the process of restoration following replacement of the lead pipes, you will be asked to remove any decorative features, interlocking bricks, flagstones, etc. The contractor will also temporarily restore any concrete. Permanent is done by the transportation services which take 18 to 24 months.

Replacements can also be delayed in cases of unfavorable weather conditions, increased number of applications, scheduling time between you and the contractor, etc. If it has been more than 12 weeks without any replacement, contact the contractor mentioned on your acceptance letter.