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Factors that help to select the best detergent for washing machine

Washing machines are soon becoming a necessity in households. Not only does it help to make the process of washing clothes easy but it also boosts productivity. While the machine is washing your soiled clothes, you can indulge in other chores of the house and accomplish the tasks with complete efficiency. Hence, the users are happy and satisfied with the deal. But a few questions about the washing machine and its usage require careful attention. One such query that pops into the mind of the user is about the detergents specially formulated for the washing machines. So, what are the factors that can help you to make the right selection for the best detergent for washing machines?

Undoubtedly, it is a trivial question that requires an apt answer. But getting a straight answer to the question is not possible. Several factors go into making the right decision about buying the washing machine detergents. The common questions that crop in the mind of the buyers are:

  • What should I buy; Liquid or Powder detergent?
  • What type of washing machine do you own; top-load or front-load? 
  • Does the machine have different levels of programs for proper washing treatment of the clothes?
  • Can the detergent remove the stains on the garments?
  • Does the detergent carry harmful chemicals that may spoil my fragile clothes?
  • Is there a difference between hand washing and machine washing detergent?
  • Can the detergent yield desired results in hard water?

The list is indeed long and only a few significant questions could find their way. The article is dedicated to answer the above-mentioned questions and resolve the queries of the buyers. So, here we dig into the article to get the answers right away.

  • Detergency
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You may find the term a bit confusing. Well, the term means the power of a detergent to clean the clothes in terms of its potency and ingredients. Now, this test is done by the concerned authorities and the manufacturing companies. But as a buyer, it is an essential piece of information that can help you in making the right decision. 

The detergency of top load washing detergents for washing machines is higher than the front load ones. 

  • Ingredients

Of course, a few special ingredients make the detergent stronger and better than its counterparts. Active ingredients make the washing powder superior in every way. It is believed that the higher the concentration of active ingredients, the higher is its power to clean the clothes. However, the least amount of active ingredients in the washing machine powder may be less than 20% in a product. You may not find a direct mention of such information in the packaging but most of the products have active ingredients of less than 20%-10% and hence can produce the desired results. Though it is not a direct factor that can influence the buying decision of the buyer, yet it is a notable piece of information to make the buyers aware. 

  • Liquid detergents

Liquid detergents produce less sud and foam than powder ones and washing machines use less water for washing cycles. Hence, these are considered ideal by many machine washing owners. Moreover, it does not leave any residue on the clothing making it a worthy buy for the buyers.

The downside is that liquid detergents are dearer than powder ones and hence can disturb your budget. 

  • Powder Detergents
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These have been around for a long time and serve as a great alternative to liquid detergent due to their cost-effectiveness. Though the downside of the products remains its residual property and high-sud/foam generation; yet manufacturing companies are making new formulations that result in mild suds producing powder detergents that are ideal for washing machines. However, you can easily find three types of powder detergents for your washing machine.

  1. Powder detergent for front load washing machine.
  2. Powder detergent for top load washing machine.
  3. Powder detergent for fully automatic washing machines.

So, you can make your selection based on such requirements. 

  • Fabric optimized product

Not all detergents for washing machines can guarantee to be soft on the fabrics. Now, you have all kinds of fabrics in your wash cycle. So, firstly, make the right choice of washing program that you will find in your washing machine. Next, you should buy a product that acts soft on your favourite garment. Moreover, it is also easy to find specially formulated washing detergents for kid garments. So, if you have an infant/toddler/kid around, aim to buy such a product that can act easily upon their clothing and help to maintain fabric’s softness. 

Considering a product with fabric softening ability can be a great buy rather than buying a fabric softener as a separate product. However, the present-day washing machines have a separate compartment/dispenser for fabric softener administration.

  • Packaging

It is much easier to store a liquid detergent as it comes in a container. Simply ensure to cork the container properly to avoid spillage. But when you buy a powder detergent, you have to transfer the contents of the packet to a container because once you open the packet, the contents may get spoiled (due to mixture) if not transferred to a safer option.

  • Do not buy a handwashing washing detergent
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This is an important decision that you cannot skip. Hand washing detergents should not be used in the washing machines because the latter ones have less sud and foam producing power that makes it an ideal buy for your washing machine. Hand washing detergent produces high sud and foam that the washing machine may not remove from your garments because washing machines use less water. So, consider buying a detergent for washing machines to protect your machine and enhance its longevity.

Take away:

The market is full of good options but as a buyer, you need to identify the factors that you consider worthy of making the right decision. If you are aware of your requirements, then making the right choice is a simple affair. Washing machine powders can simplify your washing clothes chore to a considerable extent and produce the desired results.